S-COOL Chinese

Our teachers
Demy Chen

S-cool’s Teaching Program headmaster. A Lively and friendly, Demy loves sport, especially basketball and free dive, apart from teaching Chinese she’s also a florist designer and the owner of Demy’s flower shop.

Lily Liu

S-cool’s culture Teacher

Chengdu real estate professional with marketing background, Lily is familiar with every street and alley of Chengdu, like and familiar with, Lily very likes  Chinese traditional culture and classical literature.  even the chineses  enjoy her sharing .

Queena Kang
S-cool’s tutors,Queena is a free spirit, who loves cats and dedicated much of her free time to take care of her little friends.
Sammi Chen

S-cool’s tutors,Sammi is Service to airlines,her Advantage is very Patience to her students, She Like read and listen to music,Travel and sports with friends.