S-COOL Chinese

S-COOL Chinese

Make Chinese easier and interesting

S-cool was established by 3 Chinese ladies who learned English mainly by hanging out with foreigners friends, while their English improved rapidly they notice that their foreign friends Chinese skills were progressing in a slow and unsteady paste and they often complained that Chinese is just a very hard language. Deeper investigation of the subject led to the conclusion that the fault wasn’t in the Chinese language itself but rather in the method being use to teach foreigners. Armed with deeper knowledge of foreign cultures and new fun and logic methods of teaching they set out to prove that the “devil” isn’t that scary after all.

Our teaching philosophy

Original teaching program  and logic thinking

First of all we teach foreigners using foreign methods and logic, we modified the traditional way which is being use

to teach foreigners.We designed a new logical framework, embedded with our understanding of different western

cultural attributes, our original teaching program gives our students deeper understanding of the why and how

allowing them to keep on progress by themselves outside the class as well.

Second, we never forget to have some fun, our teachers are friendly, professional, warm and funny, and we

emphasize that teaching should be enjoyable not a labor.